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Some things to know before reading these articles:

The articles posted here have appeared before in Llewellyn's various annual publications: Moon Sign Book, Magical Almanac, Witches Datebook, Witches Calendar, Astrological Calendar, Sun Sign book and others. These articles, however, are the original manuscript versions, re-edited a bit by Estelle. They may contain material that was edited out of the Llewellyn publications for length or other reasons. They may also contain material which never made it to submission, again edited for length. Estelle understands she is not a perfect writer, and so any style/clarity issues found here are her fault and not that of any of Llewellyn's editors.

Some of the articles Estelle wrote were rewrites or compilations of earlier articles. Some articles are expansions of earlier articles. The good writer is not afraid to plagiarize themselves whenever possible. At any rate, Estelle has decided to post the most complete version of the article, and not duplicate herself.

There are about nine million ways to spell Kabbalah. How it is spelt is somewhat immaterial to Estelle. She used various spellings in the articles. As long as we all know we mean Kabbalah (or whatever), it's OK. Estelle does understand some people feel certain spellings have specialized meanings, but she doesn't use those special spellings and meanings. Her choice.

There are articles that contain humor. Hopefully it is self-evident and will not offend. To those who feel humor is not something that has a place in astrology or metaphysical instruction, oh well. Estelle feels differently. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Some of Estelle's articles have appeared on a few websites here and there. For the most part, these are unauthorized uses of her copyrighted material. Llewellyn owns the copyright for the year of publication and the year after, the copyright then reverts back to Estelle. If you want to use a few of her articles on your website, contact her through this website by e-mailing and you will find out how to do that with her permission. Without her permission it is illegal, and a violation of copyright law. Please respect the creator and make proper arrangements, or just link to this website and let people see it here. As long as people play by the rules, the powers-that-be will not have to enact draconian laws to regulate copyright use on the internet. It makes life easier for all of us.

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