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Bob's Rock Shop

Good source of rocks and crystals
National Public Radio
Minnesota Public Radio
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance (OCRT) Good informational site on various religions
Mythography Exploring Greek, Roman, and Celtic myths
Aeclectic Tarot Tarot Cards, Decks, Reviews & Resources
Sprott's Fractal Gallery Estelle likes fractals!
Evil Overlord, Inc Just 'cause
Covenant of the Goddess (COG)
International Tarot Society

An astrology website where you can sign up for free and get horoscopes calculated, and they can be printed out for permanent copies. One of the best. Not necessarily totally user-friendly, but the choices and information make it worth taking a couple minutes figuring it out. Has interpretations as well as just calculating. You can also order (for a fee) an interpretation of a chart. I have never used this service, so I cannot comment on it. Maybe someone else will, and we will add it here.

Tarot Garden

A commercial site where you can buy hundreds of Tarot decks, from the usual, to foreign to rare and out-of-print.
Mugglenet The best Harry Potter site on the Web, according to Estelle. Estelle is a BIG Harry Potter fan, and is usually unavaiable for a while after the release of a new novel!
Harry Potter Lexicon The best site for information about Harry Potter canon (the books) on the web. The site is run by a librarian and like Professor Binns he deals in facts, just the "canonical" facts, not myth and legend. Truly a labor of love.
Harry Potter Lexicon: Divination Estelle has an article in this section entitled Divination: Two approaches
Rhiannon’s Goddess Guide Alphabetical listing of Goddesses and a bit about them. Good place to start research, and then go on to more.
The Pentagram A page devoted to the origin and uses of the Pentagram through history.
The Redneck Tarot A humorous look at the Rider-Waite deck.
Occult Signs and Symbols A fundamentalist identification website. Interesting information from the factual and accurate to the slanted and fantastic. It shows you what some fundamentalists are interested in and highlights some biases.
Su Walker Su Walker, Clairvoyant & Medical Intuitive
Brigid's Haven Lots of good articles and information

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