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Astrologickal Magick

Use astrology to time events for optimum outcomes. Simple easy to use techniques.  Also the basics of astrology and interpretations geared to magickal life. Available from Red Wheel Weiser Books.

Pocket Guide to Wicca

Co authored with Paul Tuitean. Basic book about Wicca. Geared to those who want to know something but don't have time for a full dissertation. Published by Ten Speed Crossing Press

Essential Wicca

Co authored with Paul Tuitean. The big book that details most of what you need to know about being a Wiccan. Sabbats, initiations, magick, circles and life events are all covered.  Published by Ten Speed Crossing Press. 

Tarot Lore and Other BS

Snarky irreverent book about the history and also do's and don't's of tarot. Dispels the Gypsies from India myth, why you must wrap your cards in silk and so much more! Fully illustrated by Peggy McDowell. Available from Amazon Print on demand.

Breaking the Rules Tarot

Tarot deck based on the illustrations in Tarot Lore and Other BS. Snarky and irrreverant, we break many rules of what a proper tarot desk is. The pictures are clean and it is a very accessible deck for beginners and those not familiar with tarot.  A good deck to use when reading for the general public. Available from

Breaking the Rules Tarot the Book of Interpretations

Book that explains the meanings of the cards in Breaking the Rules Tarot. Snarky and irreverant, it also has solid interpretations and spreads you can use with your deck.  Available from Amazon print on demand

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Practical Tylering; A Field Magick Manual

Co authored with Paul Tuitean, it explains about tylering, how to do it and some suggestions on what makes an effective ritual. Hint: it has nothing to do with the deity or tradition, and more about logistics and planning. Available from Amazon print on demand.

Color a Magick Spell

With Helga Hedgewalker. Helga created 26 illustrations for you to color and Estelle explains the symbolism and wrote rituals to accompany each illustration and charge it with magickal power to accomplish your purpose.  Published by Llewellyn Publications.