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Moon Spells

and Lunar Correspondences


by Estelle Daniels

Most books on magic say you should time your spells with the Moon. But what does that mean, exactly? The easiest way is to see what sign the Moon is in, and then work whichever spells and magic are most favorable under that particular Moon sign.

Now if you absolutely have to do a love spell today, and the Moon is not in one of the three signs best for love spells (Taurus, Leo or Libra) you can still do your love spell. But realize you will have to put a bit more energy and concentration into your spell to get it as effective than if you waited for a more favorable Moon sign.

For this type of astrology, all that matters is the sign the Moon is in. An almanac will show the date and time the Moon goes into each sign. That lunar influence is in effect until the Moon goes into the next sign, usually about two and a half days later.

Each sign rules many things. If you can find a sign that fits most closely with what you want to accomplish, you get the best results. Each sign is also ruled by one or two planets. If you need the energies of a certain planet, use a sign it rules. For example, you want to consecrate an athame, a knife. Sharp cutting instruments come under Mars' rulership. Mars rules the signs of Aries and Scorpio. Either of those signs would be good. Scorpio is naturally an occult sign, so Scorpio would be better than Aries for consecrating a magical knife. Virgo is also good for consecrating an athame, for Virgo is the sign of tools in general and making tangible effect with them. You have to judge and decide what energies you want. If you use a certain Moon sign, you are tapping into certain specific energies, but also the all the energies of that sign in general.


Sun rules Leo                                                                               Aries is ruled by Mars


Moon rules Cancer                                                                  Taurus is ruled by Venus


Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo                                    Gemini is ruled by Mercury


Venus rules Taurus and Libra                                            Cancer is ruled by the Moon


Mars rules Aries and Scorpio                                           Leo is ruled by the Sun


Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces                             Virgo is ruled by Mercury


Saturn rules Capricorn and  Aquarius                        Libra is ruled by Venus


Uranus rules Aquarius                                                        Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto


Neptune rules Pisces                                                          Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter


Pluto rules Scorpio                                                              Capricorn is ruled by Saturn


                                                                                                        Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus


                                                                                                        Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune

The element of the sign can affect how your spells work.

Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are energetic, rash, sometimes compulsive, can burn out or burn up, passionate, open and public, but can ignite enthusiasm. They have faith and zeal. They tend to be forward looking, and can forget the past.

Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, are stable, immobile, strong and silent, enduring, practical, oriented to the real world, the here and now, businesslike. They have patience and endurance. They are rooted solidly in the present, make careful long-term plans, and don't like to change how things were done in the past if they worked.

Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, are very mobile, changeable, sometimes fickle, communicative, interacting, mentally oriented, full of ideas and plans, can be scattered and uncoordinated. They have intelligence and inspiration. They are present and future oriented.

Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, are dissolving, empathic, persistent, occult and mystical, remembering, consolidating, quiet and private. Water rules magick and spells in general. They have depth and emotionality. They look to the past, to decide what to do in the present and future.

In addition to an element each sign also has a quality, Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable. The quality of the sign can also affect your spells.

Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn have active temperaments. They are ambitious, changeable, initiatory, progressive, organizing, independent, leaders, goal-oriented, the irresistible force.

Fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius have set or solid temperaments. They are dogmatic, unyielding, stubborn, accumulative, dignified, executive, grounded, steady, ending, reward oriented, the immovable object.

Mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces have changeable or harmonious temperaments. They are versatile, facilitating, intuitive, diplomatic, sympathetic, comprehending, able to go with the flow, adaptable, following, hard to pin down, process oriented, that which can adapt and get around anything they need to.

Each sign has one element and one quality, which blend to make it unique.

Each sign has been identified with many things and activities that naturally correspond to the energies of that sign. They are traditionally recognized as having certain attributes, and this spell list has been generated using those traditional attributes of each sign.

You may find some things are listed under more than one sign. When specific, it addresses narrow focus energies. When general it is a broad category. This gives you a choice of Moons for your spellworking.

Moon in Aries – Spells for health and vitality, energy workings, consecrating athames or swords, working on weapons, self-improvment, makeovers, conflict, combat, battles, war, warriors and soldiers, cutting through the red-tape. Spells for yourself. 

Aries rules beginnings, starting new ventures, pioneering, conflict, energy, ego, self, for me and mine, warriors and soldiers and military in general, weapons, guns, knives, sharp things, things which cut, surgery, razzle-dazzle, impatience, sarcasm, quick results, making trouble, rescuing people in trouble, heroism, naiveté, restlessness, me-first attitude, courage, sticking up for yourself.

Moon in Taurus— Spells for prosperity, security, love, music and the arts, business, possessions, self-esteem, values and ethics, bindings, endurance, patience, fertility, Gaia, consecration of an HPS, consecrating a pentacle, altar or staff, contacting Goddess, This is the sign when the Moon is strongest and most effective. The full Moon after the Sun enters Scorpio is in Taurus, and is an especially energetic Full Moon.

Taurus rules anything to do with money, sensuality, long-lasting love, devotion and steadfastness, dance, silence, Earth Mother, planting food crops, Earth matters, planting and farming in general, fertile and flat land, wealth, greed, careful and conservative things, soothing, solid, an immovable object, cuddling, discovering/explaining what you need in sex, unshockable, reliable, hard work, slow and steady progress, jewelry as wealth and possessions.

Moon in Gemini— Spells for memory, intelligence, ideas, travel, cars and transportation in general, buying and selling, commerce, siblings, writing, teaching and learning, adaptability, computers, communication, networking, tool consecration--especially wands, cards, pictures-- gay, bi or cross gender issues, contacting Goddess.

Gemini rules things of a dual nature, words, cars, telephones, transportation, jack-of-all-trades, master of none, dual results, sleight-of-hand, thievery, basic education, low mysteries, storytelling, short trips, field trips, relatives in general, neighborhood and neighbors, rote learning, play it light, reading, radio, movement, trivia, flexible values, gossip and innuendo, mimicry, imitation, bridges and connections in general.

Moon in Cancer— Spells for home, Mother, family, children, food, psychic abilities, divination, finding one's roots, past lives, real estate, altar consecration, chalice consecration, establishing a covenstead, initiation, consecration of an HPS, finding or buying a home, weather workings, planting and raising food crops, contacting Goddess, starting a Tradition, This is the sign the Moon rules, and here she is very strong.

Cancer rules security, myths and archetypes, nurturer, looking into the past, traditions, the family in general, cooking and eating, planting, fishing, home and hearth, restaurants, good for listening to others, helping others with problems, sentiment, keeping secrets, doing things at home or for the home, roots, integrity, graves, underground places, inherited traits, weather and climate, gentle self-effacing humor, psychic, land and real estate, fresh water, water in general, especially in lakes, rivers and streams, mines and mining

Moon in Leo— Spells for love, romance and dating, children, creativity, fun, self-expression, play, vacation and leisure, investments and speculation, selling a home at a good profit, Queens and Kings, aristocracy, big rituals, awards and recognition, pride and personal pride.

Leo rules play, fine arts, for naming a child, theater, being a host/ess, parties and fun, celebrations, hobbies, games, lovers, love and romance, gambling and speculation, showing off, warm-hearted, cheering up, loyalty from others both giving and getting, chivalry, clowning around, amusements, doing it with style, risk taking, investing, stocks and bonds.

Moon in Virgo— Spells for health, healing, diagnosing, wellness, herb lore and study, organizing, tool consecration in general, especially the pentacle, diet, making tools and objects, business and trade, establishing a system or bureaucracy, mentality and intelligence, logic, numbers and mathematics, systems and analysis, familiars, climate, science, genetics, servants, underlings, co-workers, soldiers and the military, police and law enforcement, ecology in general, cleansings, purification,

Virgo rules sickness and wellness, food and nutrition, herbs, vitamins, plastic arts and crafts, how weather affects health, armed forces, military logistics and supply lines, relatives in general, Maiden, pottery, craftspersons, hunting, tools, pets, small animals, recycling, clothes, work, workplace, planting herbs, computers, cleaning, exercise and fitness, detail work, critical and nitpicky people, work ethic, guilt, need to help others, obligations, inventiveness, community needs, magick, evocation, coven workings, low magick, debts and obligations, what you owe, materially and otherwise, payback, servitude, ground that is rolling, hilly, and good for pasture .

Moon in Libra— Spells for legal maters in general, justice, contracts, love, romance and dating, partnerships, marriage, war and/or peace, balance, beauty and harmony, music, finding a good doctor, lawyer, accountant, socializing, team-building, diplomacy, open enemies. Spells for another.

Libra rules planting ornamental plants, strategy, diplomacy, negotiation, jewelry and ornamentation, debate and discussion, politeness, etiquette and manners, socializing and socialization, meeting people, laziness, mooching, tyranny of the weak, romanticism, yes person, use people nicely, get pretty, mentors, the other guy, workings with two people, or your significant other, love and marriage.

Moon in Scorpio— Spells for sex, death, initiation, transformation, regeneration, renewal, consecrating an athame or any tool which holds power, banishing, forging a group identity, secrets, research, uncovering hidden or lost things, developing psychic talents, will and willpower, magick in general, black magick, divination, contacting the other planes, contacting the dead, morals and morality, purgings and purification through suffering, exorcism, hypnotism, energy workings, nuclear power, warriors and fighters, taxes and insurance, will and willpower, This is the sign when the Moon is weakest and least effective.

Scorpio rules merging with another, emotional truths, hidden talents, ritual magick, taboos, surgery, recycling, transformative experiences, rebirth, obsession, intensity, solitude, solo workings, workings with two people, noble motivations, sneaky tactics, extremes, mastery of the self, courage, dealing with crises, warriors and military, tactics, paranoia, bluntness, the occult in general, secret societies, accepting yourself-warts and all, integrity, soul mates, dirty jokes, uncovering secrets, mortgages and credit in general, underground water, swamps and water that is not potable, brackish or polluted.

Moon in Sagittarius— Spells for legal matters in general, laws, judges, teaching and learning, education, philosophy and ethics, dreams, contacting the higher planes, accessing the Akashic records, big rituals, contacting Deity in general and God in specific, divination, starting a tradition, big business, monopolies, conscience, Ceremonial magick, luck in general, good luck.

Sagittarius rules in-laws in general, parties and fun, long journeys, dreamwork, high mysteries, higher learning, sports, good deeds, goodwill, fame, generosity, wild abandon possible, eternal optimism, resilience, rationalization, future oriented, movement, funny stuff, mind expansion, gurus, spiritual occurrences, ability to perceive right and wrong, faith, television, import/export, languages, pratfall humor, churches, publishers and publishing.

Moon in Capricorn— Spells for career, job, business, work, honor and reputation, big business, achievement, awards and recognition, Father, authority in general, world leaders, statesmen, presidents, government in general, consecration of an HP, Ceremonial Magick. This is the sign when the Moon is weak and operating at a disadvantage.

Capricorn rules profession, inherited traits, responsibility, public eye, promotion, hermit, solitude, social standing, degrees and advancement, the boss, establishment, terrain that is rocky, mountainous and not arable, but possibly rich in minerals, rocks and stones, hard work, social climbing, no nonsense, depressive, time and clocks, ruthlessness, use people not nicely, the ends justify the means, things you want worse than anyone else, conscience, profound, wisdom, Crone, paranoid, dry wry humor, long term results, respect.

Moon in Aquarius— Spells for friends, acquaintances, clubs and organizations, founding a coven, covens in general, congress and other legislative bodies, congressmen and representatives, getting a raise, hopes, idealism, politics in general, making the world a better place, utopia, electronic things in general, freedom, genius, logic, luck in general.

Aquarius rules peers, surprises, circumstances beyond your control, the future, causes, social awareness, astrology, anarchy, advise and advisors, social upheaval, bettering the human condition, electricity, energy and energy work, meet new people, workings with a coven, honesty, non-emotional and objective, trustworthiness, fair, reasonable, straightforward, gadgets, aspirations, bigotry, peer group pressure.

Moon in Pisces— Spells for increasing psychic ability, contacting other planes, merging with Deity, spirituality, prisons and prisoners, confinement, the downtrodden and unfortunate, criminals, hidden enemies, past lives and karma, reincarnation, magick in general, potions, brews, poisons, drawing out poisons, cleansings, secrets and hidden things, finding lost items, banishment, exorcism, mediumship, charity and welfare, widows and orphans, spies, working on self-betterment by examining hidden aspects of yourself, hypnotism, mental health, nuclear power, radiation, psychic healing, working with oils, incenses and perfumes, luck in general, bad luck.

Pisces rules dance, escapism, banality, fishing, planting, solitude, possession, secret societies, merging with God/dess, alcohol, chemicals in general, the past, the still small voice, dance, invocation, large institutions, drugs, potions and elixirs, relatives in general, charity, humanitarian concerns, large animals, zoos and menageries, insanity, faith, music, keeping secrets, deep very psychic stuff, vulnerability, facing fears and conquering them, facing the past and overcoming it, divine madness, endings, aloneness, high magick, the water cycle, water in the oceans, salt water.

© 2000, 2004 Estelle Daniels, all rights reserved.