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Psychic Shielding

For your home

  by Estelle Daniels

Nowadays, the world seems to be more psychically and spiritually 'active' than ever. The level of psychic noise has risen in the past years, and many people find it helpful to psychically shield their living space, especially the room where they sleep.

Some people can shield an area with just energy and intent, but others find it easier to anchor the shielding to objects. And some objects in themselves help provide shielding and protection, without additional energy.

What area you shield is up to you. The most basic is to just shield around your bed, so when you sleep you will not be bothered by extraneous "noises" from the other planes. You can also shield your bedroom, your entire living space (the most practical), or your entire house. If you live in an apartment or share space with others, it is best to shield only those areas which are yours alone, unless you have permission from the others sharing your space. If you live in a house, you can extend your shields to the edges of your property. You can build the shields any way you need to make them fit your requirements.

The basic idea of shielding is to somehow create a "force field" of energy  which blocks out unwanted etheric noise, like a sound barrier. Visualize a golden translucent curtain which allows air to pass through but which will block any energies from other planes. Once in place, these shields will be there, but probably won't be apparent to guests or others living in your space. You should be able to notice them if you "look", for you put them in place. It is easiest to shield if you use actual objects to "tie" the shields into, and also as a memory aid of their presence. The objects can be open or hidden, what you use and how you place the objects is up to you.

Gather the objects to be used for shielding, and then pray over them, or otherwise put protective energy into them. You could light a candle and meditate over the objects thinking how strong and effective they will be in keeping unwanted influences out of your home. Ask your guardian angel or spirit guides to help keep your space shielded and clear of unwanted energies. Ask the Deity to help keep you secure from outside influences. Any or all of these techniques can be effective. Once you have somehow put energy into the objects, place them wherever you have decided they will go, and know they are there doing the job you have set them to do.

What objects you use can be varied. Place a small quartz crystal on every opening in your living space (door and window), and it will block unwelcome disturbances. Add a clove of garlic, and you have more protection. Check the garlic often, weekly is best. If a clove has shriveled or turned black, replace it with a fresh one and discard the old one. Other pleasant aromatic herbs (sage, mint etc.) can also be used. Rocks work well for shielding; tourmaline, jade, granite, fossils, agate are all good stones to use. Any sturdy black stone can be absorptive of unwelcome energies. Stones gathered from a river or stream (water washed) as well as stones from deep in the Earth, as from a mine or quarry, also work.

Some people use plants to shield, either inside or outside the space. Use existing trees or bushes, or plant some for the purpose. If you use plants, check them often, if they become distressed, replace them or change your anchors. Make sure the plant is strong and healthy, don't start a small new plant and attach your shields to it. Wait until it has grown and matured and is strong before using it as a shield anchor. Keep the plants properly fed, watered and healthy and they will shield very effectively.

Made, bought or found objects also can work for helping anchor shields. Generally, plastic is not a good material to use as it does not absorb energy well. Metal conducts energy well, but may not block unwanted influences. It is best to experiment, and see what works well for you and your individual space. Natural materials work well as they are good energy conductors. You want something which is solid enough to take the energy, and which will stand up to the elements if you put it outside.

Religious objects have been used for centuries as a form of shielding. Using religious statues, pictures or icons can be very effective.

Experiment with various materials and placements. If something doesn't work, try changing the placement or use something else. Some place objects over doors and windows, some use the corners, some use the four walls. Don't forget the ceiling and floor. You can place objects inside your space, or outside. Whatever is most convenient and practical.

Once you put up shields, monitor them every so often. Take a feel and see if they are working and still there. If they seem to be weaker in one direction, reinforce that direction. Energies change with the seasons, so you may have to change and adapt throughout the year. You can incorporate your shields into seasonal decorations. If you move your furniture around, you should also check your shields and see if they need readjusting. If you hold a party, you will want to reinforce the shields afterward, as part of the cleanup.

Make checking your shields part of your cleaning routine. You can make sure your space is psychically as well as physically clean. If you do yard work, or household repairs, check your shields then also. If you have nightmares or trouble sleeping, check the shields. You may need temporary or more permanent reinforcement. You may have to change your shields; whatever you chose may not be working.

Shielding your living space can aid in keeping your equilibrium in a psychically active world. You want your own little corner to be as peaceful and quiet as possible. If your living space is shielded, then it is safe for you to drop your own barriers and relax at home.

Blessed Be.

© 1996, 2003 Estelle Daniels, all rights reserved.