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Electional Astrology

Simple techniques you can use


by Estelle Daniels

Today, when you read about astrology 99% of the time you are reading about natal astrology, the astrology of birthcharts, people and personalities. This is the astrology most of us in the modern world are interested in and use in our day-to-day lives.

Long ago, when people wanted to go to an astrologer, they didn't bother with birthdates, because they didn't know that information. Instead they would visit the astrologer and he would cast a chart for the time the person came to him and asked a question or delivered a token from a sick person. In that chart the astrologer would be able to determine the nature of the problem and the answer to the question. Or what disease the sick person had and if they would get well or die. This is horary astrology. If a person wanted to plan an event in the future, the astrologer would use the rules for horary and look ahead for a time that would make things go well for that endeavor. Then the person would do their thing when the astrologer said, and their chances for success would be maximized. That is electional astrology. This article will detail a few simple techniques a person can use to make electional astrology work for them.

Horary astrology is sometimes called the astrology of divination. When a person comes to an astrologer with a question, the astrologer casts a chart for the date time and place that the question was imparted to the astrologer, and, if the questioner is sincere and forthright, the question and outcome will be in that chart. All the information needed is in that particular chart. No birthchart is necessary, though it can help provide additional details.

Electional astrology is the future projected version of Horary. A person wants to do something (one of the most common electional charts is for a wedding) and the astrologer looks into the future and finds a date and time for the place desired when the energies are optimum for that activity. A chart is worked out, and if the person does the thing at that particular date, place and time, their chances for a successful outcome are maximized. Unfortunately there are no absolute guarantees. The person doing the activity has to have their stuff together and put their best effort into it, but the careful choice of timing can help things go more smoothly.

This article outlines some simple electional astrology techniques you can use for yourself to help your important activities. Unfortunately, the world will rarely allow for you to wait for each optimum time to do everything in your life. And it can get very difficult and frustrating to try to live your life totally in accordance with these techniques. Not to mention it can drive you crazy. If you save these techniques for the important things, which have a lasting effect or entail lots of money, you can increase your chances for success. If you use these techniques when you can, you gain an advantage over those who never use these techniques.

The main timer in electional astrology is the Moon. It moves the fastest of all the planets, staying in each sign about 2 1/2 days. And every month the Moon is in each sign of the zodiac, so if you are waiting for a certain Moon sign, the most you will have to wait is a month. This is far shorter than other planets: the Sun is in each sign one month each year; Mercury and Venus move within the Sun's orbit and they are never far from the Sun, so their times in each sign are similar to the Sun's; Mars orbits around the Sun in about 2 1/2 years, Jupiter in almost 12 years, Saturn in 29 years, Uranus in 84 years, Neptune in 165 years and Pluto in about 248 years. Obviously if you are waiting for Pluto, Neptune or Uranus to be in a certain sign, you can wait a lifetime, or more.

The Moon being the fastest planet is the initiator of action in Horary and Electional astrology. So just working with the Moon in a particular sign or house, can be quite effective, even if you aren't taking in to account many other factors that an electional astrologer would.

These techniques are best used when you have some time before you have to act and have a choice about when you will act. If you want to buy a car, waiting for a Gemini or Virgo Moon or the Moon in your third house can increase your chances for making sure you are getting the best car at the best price. You can certainly look, and test drive and do research before the Gemini or Virgo Moon (in fact it would be foolish not to), but if you wait to sign or buy until that optimum time, you can probably make yourself a better deal. You just have to be able to resist the endless sales pitches and pressure to buy now. Looking for a place to live is best done when the Moon is in Cancer or your fourth house. Again, you have decided on a general neighborhood and price range, and what you want. I have found that if you use those specific days, you may be able to find something relatively quickly and get more for your money.

You have about 2 1/2 days when the Moon is in the sign or house you are working with. Sometimes it falls on a weekend, which can limit your options if you are looking for a job. But you could use that day to mail out a bunch of resumes, which can be done anytime of the day or night. Just do the best you can. Even if you try and the timing doesn't work, you are no worse off than before. Unless you use these techniques as an excuse to procrastinate. You have to do your part, which means actively trying to make the most of your time and resources.

If you find yourself in a bind, when you cannot wait, you can at least understand a few of the cosmic influences at work when you are having to act, and thereby either go with the flow, or understand what pitfalls you might avoid which are common under whatever Moon sign you are working with.

Another technique that is very helpful is the cosmic power times. If you know your own Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs, you can determine when the cosmic energies are on your side. If the Moon sign for the day is the same sign as your Sun, Moon or Ascendant the power is with you. You are more noticed, effective, have stronger will power and sales resistance, can get more done, and you get a more favorable reaction to yourself and your endeavors. If the Moon sign for the day is in the sign opposite that of your Sun Moon or Ascendant, it is a cosmic non-power time; the power is with the other guy, not with you. You are more easily dismissed or overlooked, you have less willpower and sales resistance, people just aren't as positive about you or your endeavors. However it is also a good time to be invisible, and you can easily blend in with the crowd.

Obviously if you want to accomplish something, the power days are the best for you, no matter which actual sign or house the moon is in. The days when the power is with the other guy are days you will have to work harder to make things work for yourself. But if you are working on behalf of someone else, you can be an effective advocate because your natural tendency is to put the other guy's interests first.

If you have signs that are naturally opposite in your Sun, Moon and/or Ascendant, then you have power and non-power times simultaneously. You can use the times and realize you may always get mixed results (and some people's lives just seem to go that way) or if you have one sign not opposite, you can concentrate on that sign for your power days.

Aries and Libra are opposite signs                           Taurus and Scorpio are opposite signs

Gemini and Sagittarius are opposite signs          Cancer and Capricorn are opposite signs

Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs                      Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs

If you use these techniques and also tie them in with your natal chart, you can add another level of effectiveness to your life. If you know your Ascendant, than each astrological sign corresponds to a certain house in your personal chart. And the signs naturally correspond to certain specific houses. So Aries is similar to the first house, Virgo to the sixth house, Aquarius to the eleventh house etc. In the interpretations each sign also has a number with it. That number denotes the house it corresponds to. If you are using the Moon in conjunction with your natal chart, use the table below to fine-tune each astrological sign corresponding to each house in your chart. There may not be a 100% correlation because of the table of houses used or if you were born far north or south of the equator, but there will be enough correlation for these energies to work pretty well.

If your ascendant is:


Aries                          Taurus                       Gemini                       Cancer                    Leo                            Virgo


1-Aries                    1-Taurus                   1-Gemini                  1-Cancer                1-Leo                       1-Virgo

2-Taurus                 2-Gemini                  2-Cancer                  2-Leo                        2-Virgo                   2-Libra

3-Gemini                3-Cancer                 3-Leo                          3-Virgo                     3-Libra                   3-Scorpio

4-Cancer                4-Leo                         4-Virgo                       4-Libra                     4-Scorpio             4-Sagittarius


5-Leo                        5-Virgo                     5-Libra                       5-Scorpio                5-Sagittarius      5-Capricorn

6-Virgo                    6-Libra                     6-Scorpio                  6-Sagittarius        6-Capricorn         6-Aquarius

7-Libra                    7-Scorpio                7-Sagittarius          7-Capricorn          7-Aquarius            7-Pisces

8-Scorpio               8-Sagittarius        8-Capricorn            8-Aquarius             8-Pisces                  8-Aries

9-Sagittarius       9-Capricorn          9-Aquarius               9-Pisces                   9-Aries                    9-Taurus

10-Capricorn      10-Aquarius         10-Pisces                  10-Aries                  10-Taurus             10-Gemini


11-Aquarius         11-Pisces               11-Aries                    11-Taurus               11-Gemini           11-Cancer

12-Pisces               12-Aries                 12-Taurus                  12-Gemini             12-Cancer            12-Leo


If your ascendant is:


Libra                         Scorpio                   Sagittarius                Capricorn                Aquarius               Pisces

1-Libra                   1-Scorpio               1-Sagittarius           1-Capricorn           1-Aquarius           1-Pisces

2-Scorpio             2-Sagittarius         2-Capricorn            2-Aquarius             2-Pisces                 2-Aries

3-Sagittarius      3-Capricorn          3-Aquarius              3-Pisces                    3-Aries                  3-Taurus

4-Capricorn        4-Aquarius            4-Pisces                    4-Aries                      4-Taurus                4-Gemini

5-Aquarius          5-Pisces                  5-Aries                      5-Taurus                    5-Gemini              5-Cancer

6-Pisces                6-Aries                    6-Taurus                   6-Gemini                   6-Cancer              6-Leo

7-Aries                  7-Taurus                 7-Gemini                  7-Cancer                  7-Leo                       7-Virgo

8-Taurus               8-Gemini               8-Cancer                   8-Leo                         8-Virgo                   8-Libra

9-Gemini             9-Cancer               9-Leo                           9-Virgo                     9-Libra                   9-Scorpio

10-Cancer         10-Leo                    10-Virgo                    10-Libra                   10-Scorpio          10-Sagittarius       

11-Leo                 11-Virgo                11-Libra                    11-Scorpio             11-Sagittarius    11-Capricorn

12- Virgo            12-Libra                12-Scorpio               12-Sagittarius      12-Capricorn      12-Aquarius

For a person with a Gemini Ascendant (for example), they can take a short trip when the Moon is in Gemini (the sign ruling short trips) or Leo, which corresponds to the Third house for someone with a Gemini Ascendant.

Another cosmic power time is when the Moon is in the same sign as your tenth house, which gives you a burst of public energy. This works regardless of where other placements might be (like a natal Sun in the fourth which might make the Moon going through your tenth house a non-power time. It still gives you a boost of public energy, though you will be less comfortable with it than others without that fourth house Sun.) The Moon in your tenth is less powerful than the other cosmic power times, but it can be another energy boost.

During the times that are not cosmic power or cosmic non-power times for you personally, things are just humming along. This means the Moon is not in the same sign as your Ascendant, Sun or Moon, nor is it in the sign opposite that of your Ascendant, Sun or Moon, nor is it in the same sign as your tenth house. At these times you are neither helped nor hindered by the Moon's sign. However, the Moon is still in some sign and house, and those energies will be prominent for you.

The Moon's sign is experienced by the whole world simultaneously. Those energies of that particular Moon sign are felt by everyone, everywhere. Each person has their own Ascendant (one of 12 signs, or more specifically one of 360 degrees) and so that adds another layer of complexity to how people deal with those universal energies. If the Moon is in Cancer, it may mean eleventh house energies for a person with a Virgo Ascendant, but a person with an Aries Ascendant will be experiencing fourth house energies. So the Cancer influence is the same, but the house influence will be different for each Ascendant. And whether that Cancer Moon is a cosmic power time for you or cosmic non-power time depends upon your personal chart. But it is still a Cancer Moon for everyone.

These techniques are fairly basic to electional astrology; using just the Moon sign or house the Moon is in. Using a full electional chart takes many more factors into account. It also takes time and skill to construct. But you can just use the Moon can add effectiveness to important events in your life.

Here is a list of the Moon signs and the houses they correspond to in the natural chart. This sign-house correlation is not exact, but close enough for our purposes here. So if you want to find out when the energies are right for love and romance, you can either use a Leo Moon or whichever Moon corresponds to the sign on your fifth house. Some moons are naturally better for certain activities. Some activities are more effective under two or more Moons. This list is intended to be as broad as possible to maximize activities, and opportunities for success.

1-Aries-First House — This is the me-first Moon. Use it for anything having to do with the individual, yourself, your needs or wants. If you want to work on being more self-assertive, use this Moon. Activities, physical exertion, sports, workouts are enhanced. This Moon is good for exploration, pioneering, daredevil stunts, battles, combat, confrontations, war. It is a time for developing your ego and strengthening your will. This is a time for optimism and just enjoying life. Work with metals or fire. It is a good Moon in general for starting anything. This is a Moon of awakenings and beginnings. This Moon deals with your outer appearance and how you present yourself to people one-on-one. Get a makeover, get your hair done, get your colors tested, get a new wardrobe. Use this Moon if you want to develop warmth, ambition, passion, zeal, energy, optimism, never-say-die spirit, spontaneity, openness to new things, quick recovery from setback or defeat, courage. Things to watch out for: impulsiveness, rash action, leaping before you look, anger, arguments, combativeness, violence, inflated egos, ego overriding common sense, leaving others behind, lack of consideration for those less fit, able, quick, unwillingness to accommodate to others, immaturity

2-Taurus-Second House — This Moon is the time to deal with money, possessions, things in general. They called it movable property, in the old books. It also is a good sign for gardening, music, and marriage. Self esteem is also addressed, in terms of what makes you feel important or valued. It also addresses what you value and your personal values. If you want something to be permanent, use Taurus, for that is the most fixed of all the signs. This is one of the Moons to use when asking for a raise. Pay your bills, pay off a loan, pay back debts of any kind with this Moon. Showcase your personal talents under this Moon. Taurus rules anything having to do with comfort and material security. Faithfulness and reliability are emphasized. Habit and routine can be easily established, but you can also get into a rut. This is a good sign to buy art which is tangible, practical or will increase in value. Use this Moon to develop patience, tenacity, self-worth, net-worth, aesthetics, music, silence, will power, comfort and security, financial skills. Things to watch out for: laziness, indolence, stubbornness, unwillingness to entertain alternatives, being immovable, greed, placing value on money and material possessions over intangibles, judging only by net worth, silence in the face of needing to address wrongs, unwillingness to try anything new, unwillingness to leave the nest, inertia.

3-Gemini-Third House — This Moon is the traveling and communication Moon. Short trips are emphasized, some say trips which do not involve an overnight stay, others say trips of a weekend duration or less. Anything having to do with transportation or vehicles, like cars, bikes, trains, planes. This is one of the car related moons, getting a car fixed, buying a car, selling a car. Trade and commerce in general are also under this moon's influence. Dealings with your siblings, brothers and sisters come under this Moon. Education of a basic nature or short duration are also addressed, like a weekend seminar as opposed to a full months long class. This is the Moon of good common sense, and the ability to test the popular pulse. Anything having to do with communication, computers, writing, speech are this Moon's energies. This Moon is quick, intelligent, intellectual, is able to do two or more things at once, networking, being able to talk your way out of it. Use this Moon to develop mind, thoughts, quick thinking and reflexes, communication ability, writing skills, eye-hand coordination, manual dexterity, speech and diction, common sense, ability to read people, teaching skills. Things to watch out for: inconstancy, talking without listening, incessant talk, lying, gossip, thievery large and small, inability to concentrate, inability to sit still, unwillingness to be alone, fickleness, vacillation, being easily bored, short attention span, games playing. fast talking con men, scams.

4-Cancer-Fourth House — This is the Moon of home, hearth and mother. Food and eating issues are addressed here. This is also a good Moon for marriage. This is another good Moon to ask for a raise. If you want to find a place to live, buy or sell a home, move into a new home, redecorate a home or most anything having to do with a place to live, this is the Moon for it. This Moon is good for researching your roots, or getting together with your family. This is also the Moon that deals with the past in general and your past in particular. This is a good Moon for divination and psychic matters. This is a Moon of endings. If you want to develop psychic abilities, tenacity, intuition, ambition, helpfulness, imagination, emotional depth, patriotism, traditions, patience, sense of humor, teaching skills, financial skills, use this Moon. Working with the spirit world is enhanced under this Moon. Things to watch out for: excessive emotions, maudlin sentimentality, moodiness, being inconstant, irritability, crabbiness, clinging, neediness, inability to let go, emotional dependence, hoarding, collecting just to have, unwillingness to move, being stuck in a rut of routine and habit, whining, shyness, worrying about what others think of you, clinging to the past, the past impeding natural and proper progress, projecting your feelings onto others, unwillingness to cut the apron strings.

5-Leo-Fifth House — This is a joyous Moon with a grand zest for life. This is the Moon of love and romance. It is the fun Moon: amusements, vacations, entertainments, games, pastimes, hobbies, enjoyment of the good life. This is the Moon of self-expression, however that may manifest. It is the Moon of children and anything to do with children. Speculation, investments and gambling are also addressed by these Moon's energies. This Moon can also be good for selling a home if you want to maximize profit. Acting and the theater are emphasized. This Moon is good for a party, large or small. If you want to make a grand and/or generous gesture, this Moon will assure you get the recognition you crave. This Moon is good for big organizing, large scale projects, optimism, planning on a grand and far-reaching scale, making the big decisions, becoming a big success. Use this Moon to develop pride, joy, self-confidence, ego, artistic skills, acting ability, will power, investment skills, rapport with children, sense of humor, generosity, ability to let go and have fun, child-like wonder. Things to watch out for: excessive ego, hogging the spotlight, ego overruling common sense, insistence on having fun, even before the necessary work is done, eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die, compulsive actions (drinking, gambling, sex), stubbornness, pride, overlooking the details in favor of looking good, being overbearing, pomposity, games playing, braggadocio.

6-Virgo-Sixth House — This Moon deals with work, the workplace and co-workers: also employees or people under you at work. It can be a good Moon for looking for a job, changing jobs, or a starting a new job, but not necessarily for changing careers. It addresses health and wellness, illness and disease. This is a good time to see a doctor and get a physical, and have tests run. Food, nutrition, vitamins, diets, cleanliness and hygiene. Work with herbs and spices. This is an excellent Moon for cleaning your house, or getting small chores done. It is a good Moon for car issues, buying or selling, fixing etc. It is a good Moon for meeting your obligations, paying back debts. This Moon deals with relatives in general, but especially aunts and uncles, cousins etc. Working with a bureaucrat or dealing with details are best under this Moon. This is a good Moon for things having to do with communication and computers, writing; especially of detail or technical kinds. Small animals and pets come under this Moon. Clothes, deportment, posture, general personal fastidiousness are addressed by this Moon. Use this Moon to develop healing abilities, cleansing, detail, work skills, training, common sense, practicality, inventiveness, teaching skills, ability to deal with co-workers or people under your command, ability to clean up your corner of the world, sacrifice, service, organizing ability, budgeting. Things to watch out for: nose to the grindstone, all work and no play, excessive obligations, overextending resources, over commitment, being nit-picky, being bogged down in the details, excessive bureaucracy, petty bureaucrats, hypochondria, malingering, exaggerating symptoms, playing the rules, cheapness, skimping on necessities, martyrdom.

7-Libra-Seventh House — This is the classic Moon for marriage. Also hiring someone for professional services, like a doctor, lawyer, accountant, anyone you deal with on a one-to-one basis. It is good for starting or strengthening a partnership of any kind, business, personal, romantic etc. This is the Moon of peace and war. Diplomacy and negotiation are emphasized. If you have to deal with an open enemy, this is the Moon for it. If you need to find a thief, this is the Moon for it. This Moon also deals with open enemies of any kind. Buy art that makes you feel good, makes your surroundings more beautiful, enhances your decor. This is the Moon of the other guy, if you want to be an advocate, counselor, advisor etc. use this Moon. Use this Moon to develop grace, charm, manners, partnership skills, diplomacy, social skills, aesthetics, balance, harmony, peacefulness, business skills. Things to watch out for: inability to make a decision, needing the approval of others, unwillingness to be alone, clinging, neediness, constant deferral to another against your needs or wants, laziness, arguments, unwillingness to compromise, inability to forge a separate identity, getting stuck in either/or situations without looking at other alternatives, lose/lose situations, win/lose situations, superficiality, judging by appearances, social one-upsmanship, being wishy-washy.

8-Scorpio-Eighth House — This Moon deals with sex, death and taxes. Also paying debts, making loans, borrowing money, dealing with mortgages, insurance, credit and credit cards. Issues of shared resources, of any type are also addressed here. The profits of a partnership. Sex, sexual encounters, sexual dysfunction or disease, sexual satisfaction and pleasure. Anything having to do with death, dying, inheritance, legacies, wills etc. are issues for this Moon. This is a Moon for dealing with occult, psychic matters. Exorcisms are effective under this Moon, as are communicating with the spirit world, divination and scrying. Initiations are also in tune with this Moon's energies. This is a good Moon for finishing up uncompleted projects or just finishing up things in general. This is a Moon of endings. Use this moon to develop, intensity, will power, deep understanding, occult abilities, courage, sharing skills, budgeting, financial skills, ability to take the bad with the good, healing abilities, tenacity, sexuality. Things to watch out for: moodiness, dark morbid thoughts, dwelling on the evil and bad things, obsession, stubbornness, emotional brinkmanship, ultimatums, seeing everything as life or death, suspicion, paranoia, mistrust, inability to open up to another, snooping, digging up skeletons, airing the dirty laundry, betrayal, wallowing in the excrement, intimidation.

9-Sagittarius-Ninth House — This Moon deals with long-distance travel, stays of overnight or longer or perhaps more than just a weekend. All forms of travel and transportation are addressed, especially airplanes and air or sea travel. This is the Moon of religion, faith, devotion, religious institutions and experiences, religious people. This is also the higher education Moon, college and above and also courses which take a while to complete — longer than a weekend seminar or one-day intensive. This is a good luck time, when you want things to be happy and go well, use this Moon. This is a Moon of sports and athletics. This is also a Moon of your in-laws and politics. This Moon is good for dreams and dream work. This is a good big party or big event Moon. Use this Moon to develop hope, faith, understanding of complex issues and thoughts, wisdom, sense of justice, joie de vivre, the mind and learning, far-reaching goals, freedom, political instincts and understanding. Things to watch out for: pompousness, braggadocio, overbearing, one-upsmanship, being a bore, unintentional insults, ill-considered speech, going overboard, intolerance, fanaticism, incessant talk, inability to settle in one place, unwillingness to commit, unfaithfulness, proselytizing, extravagance, going overboard, too much of anything, unrealistic expectations, overblown promises, the big con.

10-Capricorn-Tenth House — This is the Moon of career, profession and work. If you want to change careers, this is the time for it. This Moon deals with your honor, reputation and public standing. If you can time a promotion, use this Moon. It is a good Moon for public speaking, addressing a large group where you cannot relate on a one-to-one basis. It might be a good time to ask for a raise, but make sure you have solid accomplishments behind you to show your value and worth. This can also be a good Moon for starting a business, but make sure you are well funded and have a solid business plan. This Moon also has to do with your Father and also authority figures in general. If you have to deal with a boss or other person in power, this is a good time for it. If you have to go over someone's head, this is the time. This is a Moon of success. Use this Moon to develop ambition, public standing, reputation, honor, courage, business skills, executive skills, patience, planning, respect for authority, understanding of power used correctly, frugality, financial skills, organizing ability, career, wisdom. Things to watch out for: social climbing, ruthlessness, heartlessness, scrooge-like behavior, miserliness, nose to the grindstone, inability to empathize, business over anything else, using to get ahead, playing the rules, restrictions, cheapness, skimping on necessities, poverty, exploiting the masses, robber barons, old-fashioned, past ideas impeding progress, fascism, control freak, living up to unrealistic expectations, having another's expectations imposed upon you, hiding from society or obligations, being a hermit.

11-Aquarius-Eleventh House — This is the best Moon to ask for a raise. Emphasize your teamwork and friendliness. Groups, clubs, fraternities etc. are all covered by this Moon. This is also a good luck time, use it for things you want and may not have to work for: lotteries, games of chance etc. Friends and friendship issues are prominent, make a new friend, contact old friends, get together with friends. This is a political Moon, matters dealing with social issues, public well-being, elected officials, political parties and functions. This Moon is good for working out your hopes, aspirations and ambitions, deciding what you want for yourself and what will make you happy in life. Use this Moon to develop a social sense, freedom, group identity, friendship, originality, uniqueness, utopia, new values and ideas, independence, objectivity, rationality, innovation. Things to watch out for: unexpected, unusual, strange, weird happenings or people; inability to connect on a personal level, superficial charity, letting outside groups or friends get in the way of personal or family needs, pie-in-the-sky, unrealistic expectations, overblown promises, stubbornness, fixed ideologies which may be outmoded or too far out for reality, unbridled change for change sake, extremism, fanaticism, anarchy, fascism, unwillingness to conform, refusal to listen to others.

12-Pisces-Twelfth House — This is the Moon of secret, hidden, unknown things. Occult and psychic matters are emphasized, exorcisms, dealing with the spirit world, divination, magic both for good and for ill. Work with perfumes, oils, incense and potions. Large institutions and dealing with massive bureaucracy are effective during this time. Being in a hospital, medical treatments, having medical tests run all go with these energies. Charitable giving, volunteering, welfare, charity, selfless service are more rewarding and effective with this Moon. This is a time to try to discover who your secret enemies are. Spying and covert activities can be more effective with this Moon. This is a spiritual Moon, but not necessarily religious. Dealing with past matters and things that you thought were long resolved but pop up unexpectedly are in tune with this Moon. Large animals come under this Moon. This is a good Moon for finishing anything. This is a Moon of endings. Use this Moon to develop spirituality, psychic abilities, sympathy, empathy, ability to let go, healing abilities, the ability to work miracles, faith, charity, selflessness, sacrifice, imagination, visualization, dealing with your fears and phobias, confronting the unknown. Things to watch out for: sob stories, making people feel sorry for you, inability to face your faults or shortcomings, blaming, feeling overwhelmed, being too sensitive, taking on the sorrows of others, inability to draw boundaries, poison, spying and espionage, secrets, covert actions, hidden things, hypochondria, projecting your feelings onto others, martyrdom, inability to relate to reality, getting caught up in fantasy and illusion, getting conned, scams, shooting yourself in the foot, self-undoing, imprisonment, being wishy-washy.

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