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Magick in the Workplace


by Estelle Daniels

Some people feel that a workplace is not an appropriate place for magick. And for some types of magick, it isn't. Most bosses would frown upon an employee taking time out to set up an altar to do a spell or create a circle for relaxation and clearing the mind. However, we all encounter stresses in the workplace, and magick can be one effective means for dissipating or deflecting stress so we can be more calm and clear headed. There are magickal techniques which can be used quietly and unobtrusively in the workplace.

What types of magick can be used effectively in the workplace? The most basic way is to create a shield around your workspace to filter out extraneous noise and distractions. This can be created by simply visualizing yourself within a golden bubble of energy as you work. You can place pre-charged wards around your desk or work space. For the wards, you can use postcards which remind you of each element, oriented to the cardinal directions. A rock or other ordinary object charged at home and placed in your office works also as a ward. With these pre-charged wards, your energies can be contained and your space is made an island of calm.

When things become too much, you can siphon off excess frustration, by using a grounding object. A meditation stone disguised as a plain paperweight can do the trick. Just be sure to rinse your grounding object in running water every so often to drain off the excess energy. Otherwise it can disappear or break. Place the object in direct sunlight, and that can also cleanse it of negative energies. One person I know carries a piece of hematite in his pocket and when he is frustrated he 'plays' with it and sends his negative energy into it. He has two stones that he exchanges weekly, to give each a rest. Before he started rotating stones he would lose them at a rate of one every three or four months.

If you have troublesome co-workers, a simple mirror can help deflect their negative 'vibes' away from you. Just place a small hand mirror, glass facing outward toward the person, and their energy won't reach you. The mirror can be placed facing a wall or where it cannot be seen. The mirror should be facing the person, and it's better if they can't see it. What makes it effective is that you to know it's there doing what you need.

Have a cubicle Goddess or God to help protect your space. Use postcards or greeting cards with a pleasant image that reminds you of your favorite deity. Art postcards, available at museums and elsewhere have many wonderful subjects. Use nature scenes, pictures of animals, celestial objects or whatever makes you feel sacred and protected. Some people have small figurines of their deities in their cubicles.

If you have a sit-down job, charging your chair to be a shield and even a small circle can work, provided it is your personal chair and you don't have to share it with others.

Simple meditations and visualizations or mantras that you can do in your head can go a long way in a tense situation. The most basic — three cleansing breaths, can eliminate negativity and calm the mind and emotions in just seconds, and you just look like you are pausing to think. Breathe in and out three times, consciously breathing out negative energy and breathing in calm and peace, while feeling yourself in your body. Another good visualization is a grounding and centering meditation. Visualize your feet growing roots (and your spine if you are sitting) connecting you to the earth. No matter where you are, that place, even a steel and glass skyscraper is eventually connected to the Earth. Use that connection to ground and center, and thereby calm and shield yourself from nasty outside influences.

If you like mantras, try something simple which is either a statement of purpose or evokes some thoughts or emotions that are calming and peaceful. Some examples are: Peace and Joy; Goddess/God is with me always; The Goddess/God in me loves the Goddess/God in you; Relax and center; I am calm as a still pool; I will bend like the Willow; All this is transitory; In 100 years, nobody will remember what happened here today.

Laughter is very therapeutic and cleansing. Many people clip cartoons and have them in their workspace. Especially humor which brings perspective, or which highlights the absurdities of life. Dilbert is ideal for workplace situations, but any comic or cartoon that is workplace appropriate will work wonders.

Having a list of inspirational sayings can also help. These can be whatever makes you pause and think. Some workplaces have restrictions on religious materials, but there are many sayings that can invoke sacred feelings that are not specifically religious. If you cannot display them, write them on a card in your desk or wallet, and review it in times of stress. Greeting cards have many wonderful sentiments, and there is no rule that you cannot purchase them for yourself. Who deserves a pick-me-up more and who knows you better?

Another technique is to take a break, and look out a window. Re-connect with nature. Wash your hands with intent, washing off the negativity and bad energies also helps reset your brain. Go to the bathroom and consciously purge the negativity as you go is another technique. You have to go anyway, why not make it a magickal act? Drink water (especially good pure water) to help wash away negativity. Do it with intent.

If you get a meal break, get out of your work area, preferably out of the building. Take a short walk to relieve stress. Breathing fresh (or different) air helps. Consciously wipe the negativity off your feet as you leave your workplace. Try not to eat lunch at your desk, especially if you have a stressful job. Some feel you are also ingesting all the negativity and bad vibes, and your food won't taste as good or be digested as well.

These are simple yet effective techniques to keep you calm, centered and as free from stress as possible . See which ones work best for you in your work environment.

© 1999, 2003 Estelle Daniels, all rights reserved.