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Moon Mercury Aspects

and how they show Psychic Ability

  by Estelle Daniels

There is little written in the astrological literature that addresses psychic talent. While some texts concentrate on the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, there are two more "mundane" planets that can show psychic aptitude.

The Moon is the swiftest planet in a horoscope. It symbolizes emotion, intuition, feelings, impressions, instinct, routine, things that you do which are patterned and require little conscious thought. It rules the Sign Cancer and the Fourth house of an astrological chart. Where the Moon is in your chart by sign and house can show what you need to do to be happy and emotionally satisfied.

Mercury is the next swiftest planet. It has a dual or multiple nature. It rules thought, mind, mentality, commerce, language, communication, everyday life, transactions and contacts which a person makes in the course of a day. Mercury also rules the five senses, and so rules over visualization and information gathering in general. Mercury rules the signs Gemini and Virgo and the Third and Sixth houses in the astrological chart. Where you find Mercury in your chart by sign and house is where you need to be heard or what you strive to communicate.

So what happens when you combine emotion and mind, instinct and communication, intuition and thought? You get what people like to term psychic, that ability to go beyond logic to get information. The ability to communicate those impressions and feelings which all people have. The ability to organize what others feel but cannot really put a name or description to.

There are many ways the Moon and Mercury can interact in a chart. The first and most basic is by aspect. When talking about aspects, the question of orbs always comes up. Orbs are the amount of "slop" an astrologer allows for the aspect to be nearly exact yet within the influence of the aspect. For example, if two planets are 87 degrees apart, astrologers will usually agree that those planets are within orb of a square (ideally 90 degrees apart). The same with 93 degrees. But when planets are 81 or 99 degrees apart, there may be controversy. Some use orbs up to 10 degrees, especially on conjunctions. Some use "tight" orbs and only allow a separation of six degrees or less for any aspect, sometimes 4 degrees for less major aspects (sextile, inconjunct).

For this article we will take the middle road. If an aspect is generally within six degrees of being exact, it is within orb. Some aspects, like the conjunction, square, trine and opposition can have a bit more generous orbs, up to eight degrees in some cases. For the sextile, six degrees is maximum, and some astrologers only go as far as four degrees. For the inconjunct, four degrees is the maximum, and some only use two or three degrees. The semi-sextile is two degrees or less. All other aspects are usually considered to be in effect within two degrees or less, though some astrologers only allow one degree of orb. See what seems to work for you.

The first and most powerful aspect is the conjunction, (in the same degree or sign). This aspect fuses the natures and activities of the two bodies, they are forever yoked in the person's life. This can be the most psychic position, though it can also be most difficult to work with as there is no way to turn off the feelings and impressions streaming into the conscious mind. What sign the conjunction occurs in then colors the type of abilities that manifest. And the house the conjunction occurs in shows the area of life where these abilities come forth most strongly.

The next aspect is the sextile (60 degrees or two signs apart). This aspect is one of communication, contact, networking, opportunity. There will be psychic ability, but it will not be always present, without practice and work. This placement may indicate an ability to communicate with others, either by telepathy or perhaps mediumship. Again, the signs will show how the abilities will manifest, and the houses where the planets are will show what areas of life will be best suited for the possible communications.

The square (90 degrees or three signs apart) is considered a difficult aspect, one of friction, conflict, a call to action. There would be psychic ability but it would not be easily controlled, certainly not to be relied upon or manifest at will. This psychic might be someone who gets impressions suddenly, which are jarring or upsetting, or sometimes cannot be turned off. There is a strong need for discipline or work to get the abilities harnessed for usefulness, or perhaps even turned off so as to get peace of mind. As the person ages, the challenge of this aspect can start to pay off in rewards for the work put into control and mastery. The abilities may not come easily, but once mastered the abilities will be more strong and reliable for the work put in.

The trine (120 degrees or four signs apart) is an easy or lucky aspect. It can bring great gifts, in this case psychic gifts, but those gifts are in danger of being taken for granted. Trines bring talents which are easy for the possessor, but may not be easy or even possible for those not so blessed. Trines can also make a person lazy, things come easily so there is no need to work at honing or polishing skills. There is probably a great native psychic talent, but unless worked with and honed, those gifts may never go beyond interest and aptitude or perhaps modest talents. The signs and houses involved will show how and where the talents will manifest.

The opposition (180 degrees or six signs apart) is an aspect of tension, balance, either/or and magnifies the properties of each planet. There may be psychic talents but also psychic blocks. Working with a teacher, guide or group might be most effective in manifesting latent talents. As with the square, work and discipline will help the talents become more reliable and steady. There may be feelings of either/or, the person can be either totally psychic or totally in the material world. The key is to achieve a balance between the psychic and material worlds. Keep a balance between purely psychic impressions and material rationality. The signs and houses involved will show types and areas of ability and application.

There are other aspects that can have an impact on psychic ability.

The Semi-sextile (30 degrees or one sign apart) is an aspect of growth and breaking out of the mold or evolving from one form onto another. This aspect must be within 2 degrees for it to be active. It can indicate an active questing intelligence which isn't easily satisfied or appeased--especially with the "because I said so" type of answers. The psychic abilities can be good but more troublesome than comfortable. They may manifest at inconvenient times. The need is again for discipline and work to harness and train the abilities. But the abilities will certainly grow with time and work.

The quintile (72 degrees or two signs plus 12 degrees apart) This aspect must also be within 2 degrees to be active. This is an aspect of inspiration, creativity or even genius. This can possibly indicate someone who is a natural psychic. The person may be able to get information "from the blue" at times when it is most needed. They may also be a natural teacher for others with psychic abilities.

The inconjunct or quincunx (150 degrees or five signs apart). This aspect must be within four degrees to be active. This is an aspect of adjustment, accommodation or compromise. It links signs that have nothing in common with respect to element or quality. The psychic ability may manifest in ways that require accommodation to live with. Or perhaps psychic ability may only manifest in service to others, and not for the individual themself. This may also manifest as a Cassandra aspect where the psychic impressions may not be believed or acted upon by others. Work and understanding are needed to refine the abilities and also to be able to use the abilities in a manner that is appropriate and helpful, and not intruding or inconvenient. This aspect will most certainly have a good payoff with work and discipline.

Some astrologers rank aspects by relative strength. This usually goes (from most powerful to less powerful), conjunction, opposition, square, trine. These four major aspects are fairly equal in strength. Then comes a drop in strength for the rest. Sextile, inconjunct, semi-sextile, quintile. Astrologers use other aspects not listed here, but they are more difficult to determine.

Mutual reception is a condition that manifests by sign placement irrespective of aspect between the planets. Two planets are in each others' signs of rulership. If Mercury is in Cancer and the Moon is in Gemini or Virgo, they are said to be in a condition known as mutual reception. This links the two planets in a feedback loop so by accessing one you access the other which then accesses the one and so on. They are linked permanently, in a way that can be beneficial. This can bestow the highest psychic abilities, with few drawbacks of inconvenience or lack of control. As with all the aspects however, training and discipline will hone the abilities to their most acute. This can also be a sign of a natural psychic, though the abilities may not manifest until the person is ready and able to handle it. Mutual reception can also give such a strong gift that the person may take it for granted. Certainly they have abilities that are not commonly occurring. (this is true with any mutual reception, not just Moon and Mercury). This condition can be likened to a blessing and should be treated accordingly. Mutual reception can be stronger than any aspect, and will mitigate the effects of a negative aspect. However, mutual reception can also make the person a bit arrogant and not understanding of those without the gift. They know what they know, and can do what they can do, and the person with this placement may not understand the skepticism of those who want concrete proof or the ability for others to replicate the results. Mutual reception may bestow a type of genius, but like most geniuses, they are as often misunderstood and derided as they are appreciated for their unique gifts.

Even though a person may have no aspect between their Moon and Mercury, each is in one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, and so psychic ability can be gauged through placement alone, though it is heightened by an aspect.

Below are delineations of the Moon and Mercury in the twelve signs. These are "pure" interpretations and may be modified by aspects to other placements (A Moon in Taurus which is opposite a Neptune in Scorpio will be more impressionable, suggestible and psychic than would a Moon in Taurus not in aspect to Neptune at all). However interpretations have to start somewhere and the signs show how the energies of the planets will manifest in the person. The house the planet is in shows what areas of life these energies will play the biggest part, though the house that planet rules will also be strongly tied in.

The water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are the most psychic and intuitive. Their emotions are strong though they can also become overwhelming. They are the natural psychics of the zodiac and they will benefit from spending time alone and shielding from unwanted influences. With training and discipline their abilities can be wonderful.

The fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are natural energy workers. They have enthusiasm and passion, though are not necessarily psychic. There can be great zeal and faith that can work for or against psychic matters depending upon the religious bent. Energy healing is possible, as well as an aptitude for energy constructs (like shields and a magickal childe).

The earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) work with things, are more practical and are somewhat psychic though they may not believe in things they cannot see, hear, smell, taste or touch. These people's psychic abilities may manifest through tasks or accomplishments rather than pure psychism. Psychometry, healing massage and other tactile psychic abilities are possible.

The air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are communicative and more intellectual than psychic. They can use their minds to great advantage though they mistrust their emotions if they are getting conflicting signals. They can be dry and detached. They can experience telepathy, clairvoyance and clairaudience--communication by supernatural means.

Moon in Aries, makes for someone who likes to play with fire, literally or figuratively. Energy work is a possibility, as is being a psychic warrior. This is a placement that tends towards emotions geared more to the self than others. There is a certain naive courage displayed. There is a lot of emotional energy displayed, sometimes more than others can easily handle for long periods. There is a certain pioneering spirit and a wish to be first, foremost or in front of the crowd. There is an abundance of good ideas, but the attention span can be quite short, and projects can be abandoned as soon as something new and interesting comes along.

Moon in Taurus is the Moon's exaltation sign, and the Moon is extremely strong and beneficial in this sign. It is solid, comfortable and very secure. Sometimes so secure that there can be a reluctance to move or leave the comfortable environment. Psychic abilities are possible, though more in terms of a good intuition or good practical ideas. Music and song may be strong interests. This placement would work well with crystals, rocks or other things of the earth. This might be a natural gardener who makes magick with what they are able to grow, which would be more in the areas of useful or edible things. This can indicate someone who will stick to most anything, and can be excessively stubborn if pushed or rushed. This can also indicate an "Earth Mother" type. There may also be a strong love of cooking. This person can have very good natural shields.

Moon in Gemini can indicate many abilities in many areas, sort of jack-of-all-trades, and master of none. This can also indicate a short attention span, though how interesting the subject is will determine how long the attention is focused upon it. There is a certain amount of verbal ability, and the person may be able to talk their way into or out of most anything. Reading, writing, talking and communicating are strong aptitudes. There might be a good ability to visualize and there may be an ability for telepathy, with or without words. This placement may also confer the ability to know who is on the phone before you pick it up, or to be able to know what someone is going to say before they actually say it. This can also confer a good "people sense" and gives the person the ability to get an accurate first impression of people irrespective of what sort of face they may be showing to the world. Working with poppets might be effective. Reading cards can be effective, but care should be taken to not read into the cards what might be wished for when the psychic abilities aren't working on demand.

Moon in Cancer is the sign it rules and is at its strongest. It can however make for very strong emotions and psychic impressions and the need is to learn to control and shield from unpleasant or unwanted influences. Otherwise this person can pick up on the emotions of others like a sponge. They make a good psychic barometer and natural medium. People with this placement need time for themselves and also a special place away from the world to rest and recharge their batteries. This can be the placement of an excellent cook, or one who really enjoys food. This person can understand the magick in food, and how good food and a congenial eating environment can help restore the soul. This can also be the placement of a natural empath, one who can sense or project emotions. If you can engage this person's sympathy they will do most anything for you. They can let their emotions get the upper hand, and will sometimes overextend or let others take advantage of their good nature.

Moon in Leo is one who can shine if they are secure and happy. Otherwise the emotional need is for adulation and recognition. This person can also be an energy worker, and they can create more permanent energy structures than some of the other signs. This person likes the grand gesture. They also communicate well with children, though they may not have any of their own. Love is a constant interest, and love spells can be a specialty. They may have a certain amount of native luck, which might be honed to getting better odds than may naturally be expected. They do better when the sun is out, they can soak up sunshine and use it as an energy boost. They work well in crowds and places where there are lots of people, especially if they feel in control in some way. Working with cards, dice, and other objects for divination can be effective.

Moon in Virgo can be a craftsperson, one who creates with their hands things which are magickally useful. This can be the placement of the herb worker. Also one who understands the medicinal qualities of plants, foods, stones and other things. This placement can indicate one who is a natural healer, though this will usually manifest through using things, rather than pure laying on of hands. The interest will be in practical uses for psychic abilities. This person needs to understand what or why before their psychic talents may manifest. This sign is the esoteric rulership of the Moon, so the Moon's strong emotional and psychic nature is tempered by the practical and analytical nature of Virgo. This placement also works better at night, for the night is the Moon's natural time and the Moon can shine more brightly without having to compete with the Sun. Card reading is a possible skill.

Moon in Libra can also be a gardener of beautiful and decorative plants. They may also be herbal, helpful, nourishing and beneficial, but they have to be beautiful also. This placement can use their psychic skills to make life beautiful or harmonious or in balance. This can be a placement of a psychic warrior or peacemaker. They will prefer peace, but will resort to war if it is necessary. This placement can use color to psychic advantage. The emotions are preferred to be in balance, and strong emotions either happy or sad can be disconcerting. The use of jewelry, color, feng sui and other aesthetic disciplines in psychic settings are beneficial for this placement of the Moon. This Moon is happiest when things are pleasant, pretty and in order. Care should be taken that the strong emotional desire to please is not sacrificing of telling the whole truth, glossing over things which might be upsetting or unpleasant.

Moon in Scorpio, is in its fall, a placement which can make the emotions strong but not necessarily beneficial. There is great psychic ability but it can also bring upset and discord. This placement tends to make for someone who seeks extremes of emotional experience. It can also lead to paranoia and the need to know everyone else's secrets without divulging any of their own. There can be a talent with communicating with the dead. This placement can have very strong psychic impressions, and needs to learn to be diplomatic in divulging what was discovered. Sometimes the insights can be into the more unpleasant sides of life, and that can be difficult to deal with. There is a great need for solitude in the life, and mistrust can cause this person to shut down faster than anything. There is an ability to be a psychic warrior, but of the type which is an all or nothing type of warrior. The higher nature should be cultivated. Sex is of endless fascination and sexual disciplines can produce psychic results. This is also the Moon of the true occult researcher, delving into "those things which man was not meant to know".

Moon in Sagittarius can be fun-loving and active. There is a love of the great outdoors, and of learning and of discourse. This can incline the person to religion and its outward expression. There is a love of other cultures and a possible facility for language. This can also lead to a bit of a know-it-all streak in the personality. Psychic archaeology and dealing with other cultures (especially long-lost ones) can manifest. Also the ability to astral travel. Work with the Akashic records and other planes of higher learning are possible. Ethics are a topic which is of interest. Working with and discovering universal laws is another possible area for study. Esoteric philosophy and the comparison of various disciplines are interests which might be explored. This is also the big ritual Moon placement. The love of pomp, ceremony and pageantry is great.

Moon in Capricorn is in its detriment, which chills and represses the emotions. There may be psychic ability but it usually isn't developed or used as there is little "real world" value in it. Psychometry is a possible talent. Also treasure finding. This is the ruthless Moon, and can cause the person to act in ways which might seem expedient or practical, yet range from possibly insensitive to actively heartless. There is a strong practical and business sense. and if psychic ability can be disguised as a business hunch, then it will be used and developed. There may be an inclination toward ceremonial systems, and the person may collect psychic credentials. There will be an ability to shield naturally which if developed can become formidable. There is a strong need for solitude, and this person may end up as a hermit at some point in their life.

Moon in Aquarius is the least emotional and most detached of all Moons. It is rational and logical, yet also subject to sudden emotional insights and surprises. This Moon loves people, its just the individuals it has trouble coping with. There is a facility for working with groups and organizations. Telepathy can manifest, but it might be dismissed as mere intuition or coincidence. Telekinesis is also possible, but to train the skill takes more time and work than these people are usually willing to devote to it. There is a knack for networking and organizing people into groups, and people with this Moon may end up being the founders of groups dedicated to psychic study. Certainly there is an inclination to working with others rather than solo. This can also be the Moon of the wild eyed eccentric, and the ability to predict the future may be strong, though not always reliably accurate. There is also an ability to tell when another is telling the truth or lying, which can be uncannily accurate.

Moon in Pisces is extremely psychic, sometimes to the point of being unable to turn it off or to operate effectively in the non-psychic world. The need to learn to shield is strong, and if this cannot be learned, then it might be better to turn the psychic faculties off, than to be subjected to constant outside influences. This person is also an excellent psychic barometer and possible empath. There can manifest a natural healing ability, up to and including the laying on of hands. This person is extremely sympathetic and understanding, sometimes being unable to detach themself from the problems and concerns of others. Most any psychic skill is possible for this person, but they need to learn discipline and control or they can become overwhelmed with impressions. This can be good for a trance medium, but care should be taken to avoid possible possession. Art, music and dance are things which are beneficial for these people. Solitude is naturally sought, but care should be taken to not cut oneself off from others totally. Small groups are the best medium for socializing rather than large crowds.


Mercury in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are idea people. They get an idea and forge ahead trying to implement it, They can be single minded once on a task, and are not easily deflected from their goals. These people are future oriented. They lead, sometimes by example, sometimes by being first and fastest.

Mercury in the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) can be stubborn and inflexible. There is an inherent resistance to change their minds once made up, and are capable of acting in spite of their own best interests just to prove a point. There is tremendous concentration ability. These people are past oriented. They have tremendous will power and once they put their mind to a task they can accomplish it.

Mercury in the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) has the ability to do two things at once. There is a sort of dual mind which can operate on two levels. There is great curiosity. The mind is so facile and changeable that these people are easily swayed if they aren't strongly emotionally invested in an idea or concept. These people are rooted in the here and now, but can easily look backward or forward to see how we got to where we are and possibly what might come in the future. They are into changing things for the better, each in their own way according to their element, Gemini through people, communication and networking, Virgo through practical work and cleaning things up, Sagittarius through new ideas and zeal, Pisces with love, charity and help for all.

Mercury in Aries is the esoteric rulership of Aries. This makes for a fast mind, one which can leap to conclusions, sometimes wrong. There is a temper often expressed verbally, sometimes with foul language. There is a facility for using and directing energy, and work in an active art is helpful, martial arts, Reiki, rolfing etc. There is great physical energy which can manifest as clumsiness unless channeled. The voice can be loud, or rough or just grating. The mind is always active, and cannot easily rest, learning meditation can be rewarding but can also be frustrating. There is a need to learn to think and plan before speaking or acting, much more gets accomplished that way. There is a great facility for starting things and little stamina for seeing them through.

Mercury in Taurus makes for a slow and deliberate but solid and practical mentality. The person might not learn as quickly as Aries or the Air signs, but they have excellent retention of what they have learned. The voice can be melodious, musical or occasionally silent. Movement is more slow and deliberate, Tai Chi is something well suited to these people. Music will be an interest. There may be a need to create with the hands, especially with rocks or clay. Even craft type activities may bring enjoyment. This is a practical mind, one which might be inclined to disbelieve in psychic things, for they cannot be seen, felt, touched etc. by one's "natural" senses.

Mercury in Gemini is in one of the signs it rules and quite strong. It makes for a quick facile mind, but also a short attention span. This is an exquisitely verbal Mercury, it can make for a writer, gossip or thief. This person can say most anything and make you believe it. The hands like to stay busy and knitting or whittling can be helpful. Otherwise there can be an aptitude for pickpocketing. Telepathy is possible, though the concentration may have to be cultivated. This Mercury is also good at visualization. There is a facility for justification and semantics so ethics should be cultivated. This can be the perpetual motion Mercury and quiet meditation is difficult. Meditation while moving (jogging, bicycling etc.) is much better for the body is engaged so the mind can drift free. There are excellent reflexes and unless afflicted, good eye-hand coordination.

Mercury in Cancer filters the mind through the feelings and impressions. This person has a hard time hiding their feelings, they are apparent whenever they speak. There is an especially acute "intuition" which when heeded can save the person from future hurt and harm. Just paying close attention to first impressions upon meeting people can be found to be uncannily accurate down the road. This Mercury can easily develop empathy, but must also learn to separate their own feelings from those of others. This is another psychic barometer position. Sometimes there is an inability to separate the thoughts from the emotions, i.e. all impressions are colored by the present emotional state. There is an interest in history and the past. This makes for a good researcher or family historian.

Mercury in Leo is in one of the signs of its fall, where it doesn't operate as well. It makes for a broad open mentality which likes to see the big picture, and possibly ignore the details (take care of the big stuff and the small stuff will sort itself out). The voice can be hale and hearty and they like to make a big verbal impression. There can be a tendency to boast or exaggerate. Psychically this person should be careful not to blast others, as their enthusiasm can translate into power if not controlled. Learning control and discipline techniques can make this Mercury much more effective, otherwise there is danger of burnout. Sometimes this Mercury can be clumsy, but that comes from trying to take too big steps or do too much at once.

Mercury in Virgo is in one of the signs it rules and of exaltation and is quite strong. It has a meticulous detailed mentality which pays close attention to the details and minutiae, and can miss the forest for the trees (take care of the details and the big picture will sort itself out.). There is a love of working with the hands, and this can be the Mercury of the inveterate knitter. There is a very good coordination, and this can translate to martial arts, moving with speed, precision and control. The senses are highly developed, and some can be so acute they may be "turned off" so as to allow mental peace, though this is usually due to an affliction. There is a love of crafts and creating with the hands (especially pottery). This Mercury is also really good at spotting details and inconsistencies which others might miss. they are disinclined to believe in things which are not tangible, though are convinced by results.

Mercury in Libra is desirous of peace and balance. Tai Chi is a possible discipline. This is the devil's advocate Mercury, it just cannot stand some viewpoint or side being unrepresented. This can be a lawyer's Mercury. The voice can be soft and melodious and there may be a love of music and dance. This Mercury always seems graceful. This is the placement of the psychic judge, who can listen to both sides and determine who is right or wrong. They have a strong sense of justice and want people to be treated fairly. This placement can make for a cosmic peacemaker and diplomat, one who can find a compromise and persuade others to work within it. This person works well with a close partner, someone who compliments their skills and abilities. This person also has a good people sense as in who might get along well with whom and works to get them together.

Mercury in Scorpio can seem to be eternally suspicious and wary. Trust is not easily earned. There is an incredible eye for detail and the ability to notice inconsistencies and catch people in lies. This person can also be a consummate liar if necessary. This person can be an incredible researcher. This is the Mercury of the Alchemists and occultists of old, who labored long to uncover that knowledge which man was not meant to know. Sometimes this constant "need to know" can get the person in trouble, but they would rather know and suffer than be blissful in ignorance. They also don't want anyone else to be able to discover their secrets. Telepathy, mind control, psychic vampires, Svengali and Trilby are all possible with this Mercury. Generally ethics are very helpful as guides to behavior. This placement can produce a psychic warrior, or a psychic cop who takes it upon themself to keep everyone else honest in their psychic dealings and is not afraid to call the violators on their bad behavior.

Mercury in Sagittarius is the sign of detriment and is disadvantaged. This person is one who talks a lot, loves to expound their ideas, thoughts, philosophies, knowledge and whatever else they can think of, sometimes non stop. This Mercury can be pompous, overbearing and just a blowhard if they don't watch their tendency to talk. They love knowledge and learning and want to share it with everyone, no matter who or when. Even when the other person isn't interested or is actually bored. This can also be the placement of someone who has an eidetic memory. The mind is broad and all encompassing, and sometimes the person becomes a perpetual student because they don't want to limit their field to just one specialty. This placement can give a gift for languages and a love of other cultures. They can work well with astral travel. dream work and other higher plane visitations. They can also just blurt out whatever they are thinking without regard to circumstances or the feelings of others. This person can also be clumsy.

Mercury in Capricorn's emphasis is on practical get-ahead strategies in life, and there may be little time for psychic endeavors unless you show them what's in it for them. Once this person is convinced there is a benefit from the study and work, this person will throw themself into the work with abandon. This person likes to create on the physical plane. But they want things which are useful, to have an end product to show for their labors. This Mercury is probably good at grounding and shielding. Telekinesis is an aptitude which might be developed. Psychokinesis is also possible with some training. They will be impressed with titles and degrees, and may be more comfortable and satisfied working in a hierarchical environment. This is a sure-footed Mercury who walks cautiously but with seemingly endless stamina.

Mercury in Aquarius is in one sign of exaltation and operates very well. This is the genius, who can take seemingly unrelated facts and weave them into a comprehensible whole. This is the Magus who can draw power from above, shape it, control it and direct it with his will. They are able to discern whether a person is telling the truth or not, or how much truth they may be withholding. This person prefers to work with like minded people in groups or absolutely alone. There is little middle ground. This person also likes to say shocking or unexpected things and watch how others react. Sometimes there is a need to be a rebel or act contrary just because it's different. This person may try new and unusual things, just to see what they are. The walk has an electric somewhat unsteady quality as if they might just fall or fly.

Mercury in Pisces is in the sign of its fall and at a disadvantage. This person is no less able or intelligent, its just that they are bombarded with sensory input from other planes and extra sensory perception so that they have trouble sometimes relating to the here-and-now world of everyday life. This person may appear spaced out, daydreamy or perhaps just like they don't get it, but they are actually considering things you haven't dreamt of. The trick is to be able to tap into all that wonderful universal stuff and still operate effectively in the here-and-now. This person may communicate better through non-verbal means, art, music or dance. This person can be an excellent medium, but they must take care to avoid possession. The person may be somewhat uncoordinated, due to not concentrating totally on what they are doing. When responding to their muse (and they all have one) they can be amazing in what they can accomplish. Most any psychic ability is available to this person, it's just a matter of work, discipline and concentration to get solid results.

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