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Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram


by Estelle Daniels

Optional, before starting – take three deep cleansing breaths – let each out slowly. Let all the tension and outside distractions fade away.

Part 1 The Kabbalistic Cross

Stand facing East, feet shoulder width apart, solidly and comfortably. Take Right hand hold it above your head, and grab the golden energy beam from above and pull it down to mid-chest. As you do this intone AH-TAY (ATEH in Hebrew).

Take right hand, and grab golden energy beam from below and pull it up to mid-chest height (same place as before, the two beams should meet and join), and say MAL-KOOTH (MALKUTh in Hebrew).

Take right hand and reach to the right and pull the golden energy beam from the horizon to mid chest, meeting the other two, and say VAY-GEH-BOO-RAH (VGBRH in Hebrew).

Take right hand and reach across your body to the left and pull the golden energy beam from the horizon to mid chest, where all four beams should meet and say VAY-GEH-DOO-LAH (VGDLH in Hebrew).

Then take both arms and cross them at chest level, hands touching shoulders, bow head and say LAY-OH-LAHM as you seal the four beams together and feel the energy.

This roughly translates as "The Kingdom, and the power and the Glory for ever and ever".

This part can be done alone. It is a grounding and centering ritual which can help clear the mind.

Part 2

Facing East hold the first two fingers of the Right hand extended together, (The Universal athame) and make a High Magick banishing pentagram in yellow – starting lower left and going clockwise. (diagram) When you finish the pentagram point your fingers in the center of the pentagram. As you point say YOHD-HAY-VAVH-HAY (YHVH in Hebrew – the tetragrammaton). The window opened by the pentagram will then draw out all the negative air energy out of the circle.

Using your fingers/athame move to the South, make a pentagram in red, and say AH-DOH-NAI-EE (ADNH in Hebrew, translated "The great and powerful lords".) You are now removing the negative fire energy.

Move to the West, make a pentagram in blue and say AY-HAY-EE-AY (EHIH in Hebrew – translated "I am what I am"). You are now removing the negative water energy.

Move to the north, make a pentagram in green and say AH-GAH-LAH-AAH (AGLH in Hebrew – translated "Thou are great forever oh Lord".), You are now removing the negative Earth energy.

Return to East – stand with feet shoulder width apart, arms extended out to the sides, right hand pointing up, left hand pointing down.

Say "Before me RAAF-AYE-EL" and visualize either the Archangel Raphael in yellow robes, or picture a yellow caduceus.

Then say "Behind me GAB-RYE-EL" and visualize the Archangel Gabriel in blue robes or a blue trumpet.

Then say "At my right hand MIKH-AYE-EL" and visualize the Archangel Michael in red robes or a red flaming sword.

Then say "At my left hand AUR-AYE-EL" and picture the Archangel Auriel in green robes or a green lantern.

The next part is more complicated. First the words: "Around me flame the pentagrams, above me shines the six-rayed star." The visualizations are three and simultaneous – it takes practice and you can do one at a time until you get good at it – 1) The pentagrams you made, and which are hanging in space, and are connected by a thread will flare bright silvery-blue as the circle seals itself. 2) Above your head will appear a star of David, two interlocking triangles, white – pointed upward – and black – pointed downward. 3) Through your body, shaped and directed by your hands and arms will appear a cosmic lemniscate – the infinity sign (Like a figure 8 on its' side.) – gold. Feel the energy flowing around and around through your arms and body.

All this is occurring as you are saying the phrase. If you need to, take your time, stabilize the energies, and wait until it is all there. With practice it comes quickly.

Part 3

Repeat part 1. You can bring the energy beams through your body this time if you want. You can also end with "Amen" to seal it. You are done.

All the words should be intoned – almost sung. Be loud. The first few times you do it you will feel conspicuous. That's normal. You will eventually get over it. We make our students do this every morning and evening for at least three weeks, and we do it in a group at the start of each class, to get us into class mode.

This is an effective grounding and centering exercise. It can be done audibly or silently, with or without the actual motion, visualizing only, and it still works. Technically this will also work if you just say the words and go through the motions without doing the visualizations.

This creates a circle, specifically for banishing, cleansing and warding. It should not be taken down, but allowed to dissipate. You do not have to cut yourself out when exiting or entering. I use it to seal hotel rooms when traveling. I also use it when I cannot sleep at night, it grounds, centers and shields you from all the noise (both audible and psychic) allowing you to relax and sleep. It also helps cut out extraneous noise, when life gets hectic, at work or wherever.

Shorthand version, words only:










Before me RAAF-AYE-EL

Behind me GAB-RYE-EL

At my right hand MIKH-AYE-EL

At my left hand AUR-AYE-EL

Around me flame the pentagrams, above me shines the six-rayed star






Extra notes. These are the approximate translations of these Hebrew tetragrammatons. A tetragrammaton is a four-letter acronym for a longer phrase which is an alternative name for God. The Tetragrammaton is the most holy name of God that is never spoken but only abbreviated with the acronym. YHVH – The Tetragrammaton. ADNH – Lord: Great and powerful Lord. EHIH – I am that I am, I am created by myself for myself, I am and I exist for my purposes. AGLA – Your works endure forever, Thou art great oh Lord, That which you create is eternal.

© 1998, 2003 Estelle Daniels, all rights reserved.